‘Black American Is A Victim Of Excessive Force’: Joe Biden Releases Statement On Shooting Of Jacob Blake


Joe Biden on Monday, without evidence added flame to the fire, demonizing the police for shooting Jacob Blake in Wisconsin.

Biden claims Blake is “another Black American is a victim of excessive force.”

Ben Shapiro ripped Biden for his “vile statement” and jumping to “conclusions.”

Shapiro tweeted: “This statement is vile. It doesn’t take down the temperature; it raises it. It explicitly jumps to conclusions in the absence of evidence. It’s racial demagoguery of the highest order. And this is supposedly the man who will restore calm and normalcy to the country?”

“This is irresponsible horseshit — and frankly, it’s Biden and Harris playing you for a sucker if you want actual solutions. They’re offering nothing beyond kindly words for BLM and nasty insinuations about cops and the country. If that floats your boat, go for it.”

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