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Bill Tweets ‘No Foundation Money Used For Chelsea’s Wedding’ Seconds Later Wikileaks Drops The Hell On Him


Former President Bill Clinton tweeted out this weekend that “no Clinton Foundation funds were used to pay for Chelsea Clinton’s wedding”…However, unfortunately for him, our buddies at Wikileaks fired back with proof of his bluff.

Clinton has a history of lying to Americans about his scandals…

But apparently, it is not in the Clinton DNA to learn from your mistakes. So here he is, left hanging his head in humiliation after he is once again, proven a LIAR– Check this out.

Clinton tweeted:

Wikileaks fired back:

THE LEAKED EMAIL BETWEEN DOUG BAND AND JOHN PODESTA TELLS IT ALL: The email includes a complaint from Band that the Clintons are using Clinton Foundation “resources” to pay for the wedding. Wow!

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