Bill O’Reilly OFF THE AIR, Fox News Makes Sad Announcement


Bill O’Reilly got some bad news last week when it was revealed that numerous women have accused him of sexual harassment over the years, and that both he and Fox News have paid out $13 million to his accusers since 2002. Since then, over 60 companies have pulled their advertisements from The O’Reilly Factor.

Now, it looks like the scandal may have cost O’Reilly his job.

The Independent Journal Review reported that on Tuesday night, O’Reilly announced that he would be going on a vacation.

Given the fact that this is happening right in the middle of his sexual harassment scandal, many expressed suspicions that this was a suspension. O’Reilly tried to dispel this by claiming he had booked this vacation in the fall, long before any of this happened.

However, sources within the network are saying that there’s talk that last night’s show will be O’Reilly’s last.

This comes as lawyers hired by 21st Century Fox are doing a “deep dive” investigation into O’Reilly’s behavior.

Fox News claims that O’Reilly will be back on April 24, but it remains to be seen if this will actually happen…

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