Bill Clinton’s Mistress Breaks Her Silence, and Hillary is Running for the Door


The rift between Bill and Hillary Clinton, and what it says about the hypocrisy of Hillary’s current positions on women, just reached epic new proportions.

We all knew Bill was a sleaze bag. And we all knew Hillary was an ultra-feminist bordering on dominatrix.

Given just that, Hillary’s positions these days, especially her criticism of President Trump, was already problematic because she herself had stood by a known womanizer.

But the details revealed in a new book by Bill’s long-time mistress, Dolly Kyle, are more damning that anyone could’ve every imagined.

And that’s saying a lot in regards to the Clintons.

Via Conservative Mail:

According to Dolly, Bill’s marriage to Hillary was something he dreaded, not enjoyed. As Dolly tells it, Bill was terribly unhappy in his marriage to Hillary. Dolly, who met Hillary in the 1970’s, describes Hillary as a hairy, greasy, smelly, pudgy woman with fat ankles and no fashion sense. At one point, when Dolly was giving a ride to Hillary in her car, Dolly was so overwhelmed with Hillary’s offensive odor that Dolly found it hard not to kick Hillary out of her car.

In her book Dolly also indicates that Hillary was a lesbian, and that Bill wanted to have a child with Hillary, whom Bill often called “The Warden,” in order to put an end to the many rumors that were circulating about their marriage being a sham.

Dolly explains in her book that Hillary had a famously vile temper. One story Dolly shared centers around Hillary erupting one night, after a lost congressional race in 1974, yelling at a Jewish campaign staffer and using an anti-Semitic slur.

As salacious as all that is, you better believe it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

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