Bill and Hillary Clinton Just Got the Worst News of Their Lives, They’re FINISHED


We all know Hillary Clinton arrogantly thought there was no way she’d lose the election to Donald Trump.

But she and Bill were surely planning to continue to be a political force even if the unthinkable happened.

Well, it did happen, Trump is going to be the next president of the United States. And Bill and Hillary Clinton have suddenly and unexpectedly found themselves out in the cold.

Already last year, the Clintons planned to shut down the Clinton Global Initiative, their cash-rich non-profit that did more for the lining of their pockets than for the needy.

Again, that was because Clinton thought she’d for sure be the next president. And a sitting president can’t be taking private donations. Even for the Clintons, that level of corruption is just too extreme (or maybe just too exposed).

One has to believe that having lost the election, the Clintons would perhaps like to keep the Clinton Global Initiative running, so they can continue to exert influence and stay at least partially in the spotlight.

But it seems the donations have all dried up. No one cares to bribe the Clintons if they don’t wield any real power. And, you know, Hillary could be going to jail.

So this week they officially filed the paperwork to fire all the staff and shut down the Clinton Global Initiative effective April 15.

It is happening. The Clintons are on their way out, forever.

H/T American Thinker

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