Biggest SCANDAL in American history points DIRECTLY to Obama, Clinton – and it involves Russia!


Lou Dobbs interviewed Peter Schweizer author of  Clinton Cash on Fox Business last night.

Schweizer said: The biggest scandal in American political history points DIRECTLY to Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton – and it involves Russia!

Well, I’m not surprised! Do you?

Dobbs said, “There is no clear statement as to why we would give up, for any reason, any price, 20% of our uranium in this country. And that is a question that is left open still unanswered. and secondly, have you ever heard of anyone putting $145 million, at one moment, into the hands of the Clinton foundation? And the answer is, of course not.

These questions most basic and fundamental, were armed by the very committee made up of the very agencies, departments, and individuals responsible for national security. this, this is the biggest Obama scandal. I think it may well turn out to be the biggest scandal in American political history.”


This is MASSIVE.

I’m sure no liberal media will report this anytime soon … doesn’t fit their narrative.

Obama and Clinton were quite possibly the two most corrupt politicians America has ever seen. Not something of which to be proud.

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H/T: Breitbart

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