Biden’s ‘Border Czar’ Abruptly Announces She Is Stepping Down as Crisis Rages


Roberta Jacobson, a former U.S. ambassador to Mexico, is stepping down this month as the Biden administration’s border envoy amid what has devolved into tragic a humanitarian crisis.

The New York Times reported Jacobson will leave her post as “border czar” on the National Security Council, having only been in that position since January.

“Ms. Jacobson said that her appointment as a special assistant to the president and as the border coordinator in the White House was always intended to last for only about 100 days — a period that will expire at the end of April, when she intends to leave government,” The Times reported.

Jacobson offered a brief statement about her decision to leave the post and her career in government as the border crisis worsens.

“They continue to drive toward the architecture that the president has laid out: an immigration system that is humane, orderly and safe,” she stated. “I leave optimistically. The policy direction is so clearly right for our country.”

Jacobson also offered comment on Vice President Kamala Harris being announced as the administration’s point woman on the border.

“I briefed and worked in support of the vice president’s leadership on this issue,” she said. “Nobody could be more delighted to see the vice president take on that role. It didn’t have anything to do with my decision.”

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