Biden White House Is ‘Monitoring’ Fuel Shortages From Colonial Pipeline Cyber Attack


President Joe Biden’s administration is “monitoring” fuel shortages in the Southeast U. S. that are coming as a result of the cyber attack against Colonial Pipeline, White House press secretary Jen Psaki announced late Monday.

The U. S. has accused the hacking organization “DarkSide” of carrying out the ransomware attack against Colonial Pipeline, a private company.

The company was forced to shut down 5,500 miles of pipeline that supply roughly 45% of the oil used on the East Coast.

Neither the Biden administration nor the company has announced whether a ransom has been paid, but the pipeline remained shut down as of Monday.

“The Administration is continually assessing the impact of this ongoing incident on fuel supply for the East Coast. We are monitoring supply shortages in parts of the Southeast and are evaluating every action the Administration can take to mitigate the impact as much as possible,” Psaki… (Read more)

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