Biden White House Calls For People to be Banned From All Social Media Platforms if They Spread “Misinformation”


Yesterday, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki made that crystal clear during her daily briefing to reporters.

A reporter asked Psaki “Facebook hasn’t been as proactive as the White House would like in terms of its response to just flags.”

Her response is the stuff of banana republics and fascist governments:

“Well, I think as I noted yesterday, Phil, there is more — there are steps that everyone can take and I would note again, this is a responsibility of officials speaking, of course on behalf of the government, it’s the responsibility of members of the media, it’s the responsibility of citizens and civic leaders and people who are trusted voices in communities around the country.”

“That has a broad definition,” Psaki added. “Social media platforms is one of them. And as we know it is also — there are also areas where a lot of people get news and information. Sometimes those are accurate news items, reported by some of your outlets or accurate information shared by a neighbor. Sometimes there is information that is not. It is hard to discriminate.”

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