Biden Wants to Redefine Success, Because Trump’s Too Successful


Joe Biden knows that he’s going to have a tough time beating President Trump in 2020.

That’s especially going to be true once folks start comparing the current economy with how things were going during the latter years of the Obama Administration, when Biden was vice president.

At his first real campaign rally since announcing his candidacy, Biden said he didn’t like how Trump had boosted the American economy, and so he wants to redefine what “success” means in this regard.

Biden somehow got this crowd to actually cheer for his disdain for massive tax cuts, claiming that the $2 trillion Republican cuts from 2017 had somehow not benefitted all Americans.

So, what, they want to pay more taxes? I don’t get it.

But the best part came just after Biden had finished his fairytale story time about how Trump was somehow ruining the economy.

Biden was speaking in Pittsburg, which Trump quickly pointed on Twitter was enjoying its lowest unemployment rates in decades…thanks to his economic policies.

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H/T Western Journalism

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