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Biden Sued for Feeding Illegal Immigrant Children ‘Raw’ and ‘Undercooked’ Food in ‘Dilapidated’ Facilities


Two left-wing advocacy groups that favor mass illegal immigration are suing the Biden administration, accusing it of enabling horrifying child abuse at overcrowded migrant holding centers.

In a 276-page federal filing Monday, the National Center for Youth Law and the Center for Human Rights and Constitutional Law urged Attorney General Merrick Garland to compel the Department of Health and Human Services to stop abusing and mistreating children at migrant detention centers.

Two facilities in Texas — Fort Bliss and Pecos — were specifically named in the lawsuit.

The attorneys said children are being held in “dilapidated,” unsanitary facilities where they’re fed rotten or undercooked food, subjected to sexual advances and exposed to widespread coronavirus infestations.

“[O]ur legal team has witnessed disturbing conditions that put the health and welfare of these children in harm’s way, including food-related abdominal pain from undercooked and spoiled food, and children being kept in cage-like rooms for most of the day,” the filing alleged.

A 17-year-old Guatemalan girl said: “They did not cook the food well because they were cooking for so many thousands of kids at the emergency shelter … The chicken was raw, everything was raw. I ate it because I had no choice. I got sick from it.”

The lawsuit also referenced an explosive complaint filed last month by two federal whistleblowers who accused the Biden administration of ordering workers to cover up a COVID-19 outbreak among “hundreds of children” at the Fort Bliss facility.


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