Biden Signs Executive Order to Declare a New ‘National Emergency’ – This One Over Russia


President Joe Biden on Thursday issued an executive order punishing Russia for the Solar Winds cyberattack on federal agencies as well as other misconduct that included efforts to interfere in American elections.

Russia’s actions “constitute an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security, foreign policy, and economy of the United States.  I hereby declare a national emergency to deal with that threat,” Biden said in the order.

“This E.O. sends a signal that the United States will impose costs in a strategic and economically impactful manner on Russia if it continues or escalates its destabilizing international actions,” the White House said in a fact sheet released Thursday.

“Our view is that no single action that we will take or could take in and of itself could directly alter Russia’s malign behavior,” principal deputy national security adviser Jonathan Finer said, according to The Washington Post. “But this is going to be a process that is going to take place over time, and it will involve a mix of significant pressure and finding ways to work together.”

In a letter to Congress, Biden summed up the order as punishment for Russian “efforts to undermine the conduct of free and fair democratic elections and democratic institutions in the United States and its allies and partners; to engage in and facilitate malicious cyber-enabled activities against the United States and its allies and partners; to foster and use transnational corruption to influence foreign governments; to pursue extraterritorial activities targeting dissidents or journalists; to undermine security in countries and regions important to United States national security; and to violate well-established principles of international law, including respect for the territorial integrity of states.”

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