Biden Says He’ll Do Things Differently if Elected President, but He Forgot One BIG Thing


Joe Biden is grasping, desperately, for some degree of relevance ahead of a crowded race for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination in 2020.

He thinks he’s found the right angle: foreign policy.

Of all the Democrats vying for the nomination, Biden has by far the most foreign policy experience.

Now, already this is problematic as a basis for his campaign, since foreign policy is pretty low on the list of concerns for most American voters.

Still, it’s a way for Biden to set himself apart, and paint himself as a counter to President Trump’s “isolationist” agenda.

There’s just one big problem.

While Trump did indeed run on a platform of “America first,” he has by no means lagged in foreign policy. In fact, in just a couple of years, Trump has managed to untangle or otherwise disrupt foreign policy messes that his predecessors had all but given up on.

For instance, Trump’s now on his way to a second summit with the leader of North Korea, something that was deemed impossible when Obama, Bush and Clinton were in office.

He’s also managed to make the nations of the Middle East stop laughing at, and to again start respecting the United States. It was under Obama and Biden that America became little more than a joke in Arab capitals and media.

So, while Biden might have more experience on paper, it’s Trump, as usual, who’s actually getting the job done.

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Via Times of Israel

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