Biden Restarts Aid To Palestinians, Adds an Extra $38.5 Million


So why is the Biden administration set to send $188.5 million — including $38.5 million in new funding — to rebuild Gaza at this moment, even as senior administration officials admit“there are no guarantees” the money won’t go to the terrorist group?

According to The Times of Israel, Secretary of State Antony Blinken outlined the funding on Wednesday. In addition to the $150 million the administration had already promised the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, an additional $33 million was promised to the group.

Another $5.5 million would go to “emergency shelter, food, relief items and health care, as well as mental health and psychosocial support for those who experienced trauma” from the recent conflict, Blinken said.

All of this is supposed to stay out of the hands of both Hamas and the Palestinian Authority, which is supposed to be the overarching governmental authority in the West Bank and Gaza. (For the curious, the West Bank is controlled by the horribly corrupt Fatah party; Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas, currently in the 16th year of a four-year term, unsurprisingly postponed the first round of elections since 2006 in late April, according to the BBC.)

It’s not because of the dysfunction that we can’t give the Palestinian Authority money, however — it’s the fact the government pays individuals who are imprisoned by Israel. According to The New York Times, the dollar amount increases the more time you spend behind bars. Think of it as a scholarship program for extremists. Until that program ends, however, we’re prohibited by law from giving to the Palestinian Authority.

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