Biden Released 50,000 Illegal Migrants, Most Have Completely Disappeared Into US Interior – Report


The U.S.-Mexico border has been so overwhelmed under President Joe Biden that roughly 50,000 migrants who illegally crossed the border were released without being given a court date.

According to a report Tuesday from Axios, instead of a court date, those released have been given a list of contacts and locations of Immigration and Customs Enforcement offices all around the country. They have been told to report at “one of them” within a 60-day window.

The apparent hope is that after reaching their destination — wherever that may be — the migrants will travel to an ICE office to obtain work permits.

One source who had been briefed on data from the Department of Homeland Security told Axios that as of Monday, of all the immigrants who crossed the border illegally from the middle of March to mid-July, only 6,700 of them — 13 percent — had appeared at an ICE office.

The report said 16,000 migrants who have surpassed their 60-day window to report still have not done so.

Additionally, about 27,000 other migrants from the same time frame who crossed the border and were released have not reported but are still within the 60-day window, according to the outlet. An unidentified DHS official told Axios that almost 70 percent of the migrants had either reported to ICE or were still within the time frame to report.

Meanwhile, Meira Bernstein, deputy assistant secretary for media operations at DHS, told Axios that many individuals are proactively contacting ICE to start their formal immigration processing, which includes obtaining their Notice to Appear.

“Those who do not report, like anyone who is in our country without legal status, are subject to removal by ICE,” Bernstein told the outlet.

Obviously, the ones who are reporting are doing what they are supposed to. However, it is worrisome to know many of the migrants likely won’t report, and we do not even know who they are, where they are or what their plans are. Moreover, how will they be removed by ICE if nobody knows where they are?

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