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Biden Leaves Behind 3-Year-Old California Boy in Afghanistan – Child Beaten by Taliban, Now Forced Into Hiding


The Sacramento, California-born child and his family were beaten by the Taliban as they attempted to leave Afghanistan in the chaos following President Joe Biden’s hasty military withdrawal and have been forced into hiding, KGO-TV reported Tuesday.

The boy’s father and the rest of the family, whose identities are being concealed for their protection, now face an uncertain future in the nation that was given over to the Taliban as U.S. forces left the region ahead of a Tuesday deadline.

Like many Americans who are now on their own without the formal support of their government, members of the family had reached out to their stateside contacts. Their plight was first taken up by veterans advocate James Brown.

“I received a call Sunday morning at about 6 a.m. from a friend of mine who’s an active duty Marine Corps officer stationed overseas, and he basically felt like his hands were tied and he needed some help getting this family out,” Brown told KGO.

Brown enlisted the help of California Democratic Rep. Jackie Speier, whose staff immediately joined the cause that involved the young U.S. citizen and his permanent-resident status family members.

“They’ve also made numerous phone calls to the White House, to the secretary of defense’s office and to the secretary of state’s office, escalating this family’s case all the way to the top for us,” Brown said.


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