Biden Just Endorsed a Law That Could Nuke 57 Million Jobs


The PRO Act, passed by the House of Representatives last month and endorsed by Biden this week, could obliterate as many as 57 million jobs — that’s how many Americans freelanced in 2019, according to a survey released that year — by essentially outlawing freelance employment.

Writing Tuesday for the Washington Examiner, commentator Brad Polumbo focused on the way the legislation would target the gig economy that many in the workforce enjoy.

While the aim of the legislation is ostensibly to stop employers from “misclassifying” employees for the company’s own cost-savings benefit, it would effectively throw millions of people out of work.

“But the PRO Act’s redefinition of freelance worker is so narrow that a worker can only provide a company with a freelance service that is outside its normal purview,” Polumbo wrote.

“For example, Uber is a driving company. It couldn’t hire drivers as freelancers, but it could potentially hire a janitor as a freelancer.”

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