Biden Hit With Avalanche Of Mockery After Stacey Abrams Blames Scheduling Snafu For Her Absence At His Voting Rights Speech In Georgia


President Joe Biden (D) was mocked and ridiculed on social media after Stacey Abrams missed his pivotal speech in Georgia on voting rights and blamed a scheduling mistake for her absence.

Biden announced in his speech Tuesday, that he was fully backing the campaign to end filibuster rules in the Senate in order to overcome Republican opposition to partisan voting rights legislation. Despite the speech being touted as a very important moment for the administration, Abrams was unable to attend the speech prompting many to wonder if it was a snub of the president.

When Biden was asked by a reporter Tuesday if he was insulted by her absence at his speech, he rejected the insinuation that Abrams had purposely snubbed him.

“I spoke to Stacey this morning,” he added, “we’ve got a great relationship, we got our scheduling mixed up, I talked with her at length this morning. We’re all on the same page and everything’s fine.”

Some mainstream media reporters were skeptical at the excuse Abrams gave for skipping the speech.

“As for the Stacey Abrams absence, it does not seem plausible that they simply mixed up their schedules on this event, it’s too important… (Read more)

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