Biden Hijacks Police Week Statement Honoring Fallen Cops, Blames Officers for Fueling “Distrust”


In a statement Friday, two days before the start of National Police Week, President Joe Biden expressed gratitude to the country’s fallen police officers and stated that his administration would work to support local law enforcement through the aftermath of COVID-19, following in the footsteps of those who came before him.

And yet, as promising as the first part of his statement was, the president almost immediately used it to unceremoniously slam law enforcement.

Just after declaring that his administration would work to ensure law enforcement has “the resources and research tools they need to do their jobs successfully,” and that it would “continue to bolster initiatives that protect our law enforcement officers’ physical safety,” Biden began to pontificate on the “distrust” toward law enforcement that exists within minority communities — a distrust that he effectively blamed on police.

“This year,” Biden said, “we also recognize that in many of our communities, especially Black and brown communities, there is a deep sense of distrust towards law enforcement; a distrust that has been exacerbated by the recent deaths of several Black and brown people at the hands of law enforcement.

“These deaths have resulted in a profound fear, trauma, pain, and exhaustion for many Black and brown Americans, and the resulting breakdown in trust between law enforcement and the communities they have sworn to protect and serve ultimately makes officers’ jobs harder and more dangerous as well.”

Biden essentially vilified law enforcement as an institution, blaming that institution — rather than the actions of a handful of individuals — for “the resulting breakdown in trust” between minority communities and law enforcement.

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