Biden Has Extreme Words Malfunction on Live TV While Trying to Explain Gas Prices


Speaking at an event in Kansas City, Missouri, on Wednesday, President Joe Biden touted a small drop in the price of gas.

“Two weeks ago, I announced the largest ever release of the U.S. strategic petroleum reserve to increase the supply of oil to help bring down prices,” he said. “Now today, the average price you’re paying here in Kansas City is below $2 a gallon” — blinks — “$3 a gallon, it’s down to $2.90 a gallon, 20 percent down from cents for — from a month ago.

“Nationally, prices are down seven cents a gallon and continue to fall. We’re making progress. We’re going to keep at it to ensure the American people are paying their fair share for gas.”

The truth is that it’s become painful to watch the president speak. Brain malfunctionslike this one have become the norm with Biden. Although his handlers do their best to minimize his engagement with others to the greatest extent possible, these occasions cannot be entirely eliminated.


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