Biden Calls Former Dem Senator Accused Of Sexual Misconduct ‘One Of The Finest Men I’ve Ever Served With’’


President Biden called a former Democratic senator whose past is checkered with complicity in a sexual assault allegation “one of the finest men I’ve ever served with.”’

“I understand the senior senator from this state for a long time, Chris Dodd is here,” Biden said Wednesday during a commencement address at the Coast Guard Academy. “Where is Chris? Welcome, pal. One of the finest men I’ve ever served with in my whole career.”

Chris Dodd served as Democratic senator from 1981 to 2011. During those years in Congress, he is accused of being involved in a sexual assault incident along with Ted Kennedy, who served as Democratic senator from Massachusetts for nearly half a century, from 1962 until 2009.

Former D. C. waitress Carla Gavliglio accused Dodd and Kennedy of sexually assaulting her at the restaurant where she worked in 1985. The allegations were detailed in a 1990 GQ article. According to Gavliglio, Dodd and Kennedy were drunk in a private room in the restaurant when Kennedy pushed her into Dodd’s lap and rubbed his genitals against her until other staffers intervened as Gavliglio started to scream. Other restaurant staff corroborated the claim.

Gavliglio last year told the New York Post that Kennedy deserved “most” of the blame.

“Most of it was on Senator Kennedy, but God, would it have killed [Dodd] to say, ‘I’m so sorry about what happened last night, I real… (Read more)

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