Biden Brings Back Old Claim He Was ‘Shot At’ Overseas


President Biden Thursday revived an old claim that he’d once been “shot at” overseas.

“You have great personal courage. I’ve been with some of you when we’ve been shot at,” Biden told a group of diplomatic aides at the State Department. He didn’t offer details about when he’d been shot at.

The White House could not be reached for comment to detail when the president had been shot at.

The president stirred controversy when he made the initial claim of being shot at over a decade ago, and later had to walk it back.

During a Democratic presidential debate in 2007, Biden disclosed that he’d been “shot at” inside Baghdad’s fortified Green Zone. “Let’s start telling the truth,” he said. “Number one, you take all the troops out — you better have helicopters ready to take those 3,000 civilians inside the Green Zone, where I have been seven times and shot at. You better make sure you have protection for them, or let them die, number one.”

He amended that later, saying the quarters he was staying in while visiting the Green Zone in 2005 shook from a nearby blast, and “I was near where a shot landed.” He said that he’d been in three near-shooting instances, and in one instance, a shot had landed outside the building where he and other senators were staying. He added that the vehicle he was traveling in the day before might have also been hit.

Biden said the incident wasn’t threatening enough to take cover. “No one got up and ra… (Read more)

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