Biden Administration Faces Lawsuit Over ‘Shockingly Deplorable’ Child Migrant Conditions In Texas


Lawyers representing children in U. S. immigration custody sued the Biden administration over its handling of child migrants in two Texas facilities — as attorneys claim migrants have suffered mental distress and suffered “shockingly deplorable” conditions.

The lawsuit, first reported by CBS News, focuses on two of a number of emergency intake sites (EISs) set up by the Biden administration to handle the surge in unaccompanied children coming across the border as part of the ongoing migrant crisis.

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) set up sites including the particular Texas sites mentioned in the lawsuit at the Fort Bliss Army base and a camp in Pecos.

“Minimal standards and inadequate oversight at EISs has exposed thousands of children to unacceptable conditions that threaten their safety and well-being,” the lawsuit, filed by lawyers with the Center for Human Rights and Constitutional Law and the National Center for Youth Law, states. “In particular, the Fort Bliss and Pecos EISs have exposed children to shockingly deplorable conditions.”

The lawsuit alleges that in Pecos, children have “no religious services, few daily activities, and what little outdoor recreation they do have takes place in unshaded areas where temperatures sometimes reach over 110 degrees.”

Meanwhile in Fort Bliss, children have described sleeping in large areas with no privacy and with hundreds of other children. The lawsuit alleges that children at both facilities have inadequate access to medical care, have experienced hunger, and report being served raw chicken.

The lawsuit argues that prolonged detention at such facilities is in violation of the 1997 Flores settlement – which limits the length of time children can be detained and requires certain standards for care of children. Among other things, the Flores settlement established the sta… (Read more)

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