Biden Admin Reportedly Using Central TX Town as Hub to Distribute Illegal Immigrants Into US


According to KTAB-TV, agents with Immigration and Customs Enforcement bring illegal immigrants to Abilene Regional Airport, where they are flown to destinations across the U.S.

The operation also reportedly involves planes that bring illegal immigrants to the airport. The passengers are then loaded onto buses that depart from the airport to points unknown, the outlet reported.

Abilene Director of Transportation Don Green said the airport has no information about these flights except that they are private charter flights operated by ICE.

Republican Texas Rep. Jodey Arrington said officials have refused to provide even a modicum of information about what is going on.

“We have called everybody, up and down the chain, from the Secretary’s office to the local ICE agents, we hadn’t gotten any answers,” he said.

“We are asking, what’s going on, how many people are being released, where are they going, who is following up, will they have a court date, or their immigration hearing, or are they not even given a notice to appear in court, are they tested for COVID, what is the protocol for notifying local officials, has there been a background check run on these folks,” Arrington continued.


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