Biblical Archeological Find ROCKS the World – “Most Important Ever”


Archeologists are calling it one of, if not the most important find ever.

And it goes a long way toward once again proving the Bible is an accurate historical document.

Archeologists from Egypt and Germany have unveiled a MASSIVE statue of Pharaoh Rameses II.

The colossus was discovered submerged in ground water in a Cairo slum.

That part of Cairo was previously known as Heliopolis, and was the religious center of ancient Egypt’s 13th Dynasty.

The dynasty’s most famous ruler – in fact, the most famous ruler of all of ancient Egypt – was Rameses II, also known as Rameses the Great.

He is widely believed to be the Pharaoh Rameses that features in the story of Moses and the Exodus of Israel.

The biblical account refers to Heliopolis as “On,” and the colossus of Ramses would most likely have been made and erected by Hebrew slaves.

Egypt’s Antiquities Minister Khaled al-Anani called the find one of the most important archeological finds ever.

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Source: The Jerusalem Post

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