Bette Midler Gets Awful News After Saying Republican Texas Doesn’t Deserve Hurricane Relief


The depth of liberal Hollywood’s vile intolerance for conservatism is being exposed in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

Some Tinseltown snowflakes have gone so far as to suggest that Texans don’t deserve hurricane relief because most of the state are Republicans who voted for Trump.

One such viper is legendary singer and actress Bette Midler, who apparently thinks that mocking disaster victims is an acceptable form of political activism.

Even Midler’s own Twitter followers immediately attacked her gross insensitivity:

Now, Bette’s already had a long and successful career. Perhaps it wouldn’t bother her all that much to have things come crashing down at this point.

But for anyone looking to continue putting people in theater seats, alienating half the country is a pretty bad business decision.

H/T Conservative Fighters

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