Bernie Show His True Nature: Tells Students We Need “Shared Prosperity” and a “New World Order” [Video]


And we wonder why our college students leave campus as total snowflakes?

Senator Bernie Sanders just called for a new world order that promotes shared prosperity and solidarity over state sovereignty during a foreign policy speech at Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies.

This speech is so far left and is exactly what a guy living off of the big government teet would say. He’s never had a real job outside of the one the taxpayers pay for so he believes it’s the answer…big government…new world order.

We hope you listened carefully to this lunatic and his effort to bring down America as we know it.

He and Barack Obama have the same wish. They want to spread the wealth with socialism…Not gonna happen as long as we keep fighting for America. Please vote in November! We need a Red Wave! We don’t want what Bernie wants!

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