Bernie Says As President He Would ‘Declare War’ On Certain Right Wingers


Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders has threatened to go to war with “white nationalists” if he is elected president in 2020.

A president, or candidate for president, should never declare war on any American citizens no matter what their ideology is.

But what makes this more frightening is that a significant portion of the Democrat base thinks every President Donald Trump voter is a white nationalist.

“I’m Jewish, my family came from Poland. My father’s whole family was wiped out by Hitler and his white nationalism,” he said at the Young Leader’s Conference in Atlanta.

“Too many people have fought over the years, too many people have died against racism to let it resurface and flourish in America.”

“We will go to war with nationalism and racism in every aspect of our lives,” he said to the audience who appeared to agree.

“When we combat white nationalism and when we combat racism, we are going use all the laws in our power, including executive orders in every area to make certain that we end the discrimination which now exists,” he said.

This comes after the Dayton, Ohio mass shooter was outed as a supporter of Sen. Sanders and Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

The president said that “hate has no place in our country,” which will likely not be good enough for the Democrats who blame him for the shootings.

But at the same time, Democrats and journalists are ignoring the fact that the Dayton shooter was an avowed progressive Socialist who supported Sens. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, The Heavy reported.

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