Bernie Sanders Takes Jab at Wealthy Americans, But This Response SILENCED Him


It’s become so easy to point out liberal hypocrisy that there’s no longer any sport in it.

But there are still laughs. And that’s often all you can do when confronted with outrageous liberal claims. Laugh.

Of course, the biggest producer of such laughs is “Crazy Uncle” Bernie Sanders.

And he was at it again last week claiming that America’s fiscal problems can all be attributed to wealthy individuals and corporations not paying enough taxes.

Such a socialist.

Well, except for the fact that Sanders himself is pretty wealthy.

Wealthy enough to own three really nice houses, which one witty Twitter user was quick to point out:

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To be fair, that’s how socialism usually ends up working on a national scale.

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People like Sanders get richer, while everyone else has to share what scraps are left over. Such a great alternative to capitalism, where everyone has a chance to rise to the top!

At any rate, if Sanders really wants to live the socialist dream, he could sell those houses and redistribute the wealth a bit.

H/T Conservative Tribune

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