Bernie is BURNING! Finds Himself in Appropriate Company


Bernie Sanders likes to style himself a radical and a revolutionary. So, Bernie’s in fairly appropriate company this week as he blows his top over President Donald Trump’s latest major diplomatic move.

Sanders was among top Democrats who were incensed over Trump’s decision to publicly announce his decision to decertify the Iran nuclear agreement negotiated by Barack Obama.

Scratch that. Bernie was “among” them… he was leading the charge.

So furious was Sanders that he took to Twitter to let us all know:

In response to Trump’s decision to decertify the agreement, Sanders wrote:

“Why would any country sign such an agreement with the U.S. if they knew a reckless president might simply discard it a few years later?”

Actually, Bernie, the real question is why the US government would enter into such a risky agreement knowing full well that the other side was very unlikely to keep its word, to the detriment of both America and her allies.

Only a president like Barack Obama would be so reckless.

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Trump’s just here to fix a massive mistake.

During a White House speech, the president stated:

I am announcing today that we cannot and will not make this certification. We will not continue down a path whose predictable conclusion is more violence, more terror, and the very real threat of Iran’s nuclear breakthrough.

In the event we are not able to reach a solution working with Congress and our allies, the agreement will be terminated. It is under continuous review and our participation can be canceled by me as president at any time.

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Joining Bernie Sanders in denouncing Trump’s decision was Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, which the president effectively designated as a terrorist organization.

IRGC commander Mohammad Ali Jafari responded:

“If the news is correct about the stupidity of the American government in considering the Revolutionary Guards a terrorist group, then the Revolutionary Guards will consider the American army to be like Islamic State all around the world.”

Like we said, Bernie Sanders styles himself a radical and a revolutionary, so I guess it shouldn’t come as a surprise that he and the IRGC have more in common than he’d likely care to admit.

Source: Fox News

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