Bernie Has Gone Full Communist, Looking To Throw Americans Like Petroleum Executives In Prison


Like many Communists, Bernie Sanders would love to throw people he don’t like in jail.

Check what he wrote on Twitter lately.

Fossil fuel executives should be criminally prosecuted for the destruction they have knowingly caused. #GreenNewDeal


1. YOU are NOW a mental case!! THAT statement ALONE proves you are intellectually incapable of running our country. Set aside the disgusting pandering you just spewed, but to insinuate “criminality…” @GOPChairwoman@GOP@realDonaldTrump if he wins the nomination, REMEMBER THIS.

2. In former Soviet Union, Red China, after communists took over, they prosecuted and murdered land owners, factory and business owners, bankers, confiscated all their belongs, plus anyone disagreed with them. That is how socialism cause 120 million deaths.

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