Ben Carson’s Statement on the NFL Anthem Protests Just Went Viral… Do You Have His Back?


We’ve heard President Donald Trump’s stance on the situation, we’ve heard from Stuart Varney, and now Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Dr. Ben Carson has given his view.

Dr. Carson’s Facebook post read:

“Here we are at another NFL Sunday. That used to represent a time of fun, games and unity. I hope we can return to that situation soon. One of the reasons we play the national anthem before the game is to remind us that even though we’re rooting for different sports teams, we are united as a country. That is a wonderful message that we should not allow to be distorted by anyone.

Of course we all have the right to express ourselves, but as the Bible says, there is a time and place for everything. Last week I saw a story about pre-adolescent players being drawn into the “take a knee” protests. Does anyone honestly believe that encouraging even our youth to believe they are victims of our society will actually help us come together?

I think many athletes actually think they are making things better. We would encourage them and all Americans to utilize their influence to truly draw people together and not be manipulated into doing the opposite under the guise of unity.”

It is clear that Dr. Carson truly understands that instead of dividing against one another, our anthem is meant to bring us closer together as one unit. Our country used to enjoy football as an entertaining Sunday pastime, but these protests have turned the game into a political statement.

What these NFL players don’t seem to understand is that they are directly disrespecting the men and women who give their lives to fight for our freedoms.

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