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Ben Carson: Democrats’ Critical Race Theory Push Is Backfiring So Badly ‘It Is Waking People Up’


Next to Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, Carson is likely the most loathed black man in the United States from the point of view of the American left.

The product of poverty, he rose by his own hard work and God-given abilities to become a life-saving neurosurgeon at Johns Hopkins University who was lionized in a 2009 television movie – before his conservative politics made him a target for liberal fury.

As a living example of the lie that the United States is a prison of “systemic racism” for black people, and as man who served as Housing and Urban Development secretary under former President Donald Trump, he’s become the subject of progressive smear campaigns, but never backed down from his own convictions.

In the months since critical race theory has become part of the national conversation, Carson has been at the forefront of fighting the idea that all scholarship should be viewed through the lens of white people oppressing black people and other minorities races.

For millions of Americans — like the parents who’ve turned out in droves at school board meetings throughout the country — critical race theory has been revealed as a poison that’s been injected into the minds of children and demands rejection.

But to Carson, the ever-increasing demands of leftists like those that have made headlines in places as disparate as northern Virginia,  the Twin Cities region of Minnesota and northern Indiana has been a blessing in disguise.

Like the proverbial frog complacent in a pot of slowly warming water, American parents were unaware, Carson said. Now, they’ve been shocked into action.

“This will sound funny, but I’m kind of glad they are doing it,” Carson told veteran Fox News personality Dana Perino.

“They’re pushing it so hard it is waking people up. We were sort of like the frog in the saucepan slowly being cooked and now they turned the burners up and people are saying ouch and getting active. That is going to help us as a nation.”

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