‘Begging Joe’: Biden Admin Pleads With Taliban Terrorists To Spare U.S. Embassy In Kabul, Report Says


Democrat President Joe Biden’s administration is reportedly pleading with Taliban terrorists to spare the U. S. Embassy in Kabul as the the extremist group has rapidly regained control of the majority of Afghanistan.

“American negotiators are trying to extract assurances from the Taliban that they will not attack the U. S. Embassy in Kabul if the extremist group takes over the country’s government and ever wants to receive foreign aid,” The New York Times reported. “The effort, led by Zalmay Khalilzad, the chief American envoy in talks with the Taliban, seeks to stave off a full evacuation of the embassy as they rapidly seize cities across Afghanistan.”

The news comes as the Taliban seized Kandahar and Herat on Thursday, two of the largest cities in Afghanistan. The Taliban now controls 12 of Afghanistan’s 34 provincial capitals, an estimated two-thirds of the country, and has cut off a critical highway linking Kabul to the nation’s southern provinces. U. S. officials suggest that Kabul could fall to the terrorists in a matter of weeks.

The Taliban’s rapid advancement through the country has netted the extremist group control of U. S.-made military vehicles, anti-aircraft guns, armored tanks, and artillery that were provided to Afghan security forces to fight against the Taliban.

“These captured systems will increase the mobility and lethality of the Taliban, making them a more formidable adversary,” said Bradley Bowman, senior director of the Center on Military and Political Power at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies. “We have already seen the Taliban using captured humvees to patrol Kunduz and Sar-e Pol.”

The sheer amount of vehicles raises the question if anyone ever used them after they were paid and transferred by the US …

The Taliban have used Ame… (Read more)

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