Before Being FIRED from Fox, O’Reilly Released This WARNING … Watch Before It Goes OFF AIR Forever!


Folks, I’m sure you have heard of the disturbing news that Bill O’Reilly was fired from Fox News.

Few months ago Bill sent America and warning message that we cannot ignore.

Bill O’Reilly just alerted us to the fact that there are guerrilla Muslim warfare groups currently training right here in the United States.

Guerrilla warfare is not as organized a war as traditional battle fields, all of the plotting and strategizing done in the shadows.

These radical Islamic training grounds are growing, and their recruits understand something we don’t. They realize they need to continue infiltrating our culture, but, sadly for us, this task has been made a lot easier due to political correctness.

The sad thing is that FBI can’t do anything about their training, inside our country, but monitor them.

One of the abject failures of the Obama administration would have to be dealing with the terrorist elements within this ideology. A new approach, reminiscent of the Bush administration, is needed.

The Democrat party was placed out of power just in time. At least we have someone who is going to take this threat of guerrilla warfare from radical Muslims seriously.

What do you think about Bill O’Reilly’s warning for America and how Obama would never take this threat seriously?


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