Barron Trump Is About To Make White House History, THIS IS INCREDIBLE!


Despite the efforts by the left to cast a cloud of doom and threats over Presiden Trump’s inauguration on Friday, the President, First Lady, and First Son exited their armored car with dignity and walked their monumental mile to the White House to honor their loyal supporters and Americans everywhere.

Something even bigger than just a president being inaugurated was happening, though. Since 1963 many wonderful and unique kids have grown up in the white house, each with their own talents and callings, but they’ve all had one thing in common; they’ve all been girls.

Barron Trump will be taking up residence at the White House before his 11th birthday and hopefully stay there for the next 8 years.

He will officially be the first son to live in the presidential palace since John F. Kennery, Jr. took office.

Being a president’s kid is a unique experience in its own right, but the nation will be waiting to see how this, the first boy in over 50 years, will handle things.

Barron Trump has been unfairly targeted by cowardly comedians lately, hiding behind their keyboards making totally unsubstantiated, and downright random, claims about a kid that their only experience with is in the frame of their TV or computer screen.

We do know that he and his mother, Melania, will be staying at Trump Towers until Barron has the chance to finish the school year where he currently attends.

There hasn’t been any word yet as to where the first son might attend in the fall, after his move to D.C.

We hope and pray that this transition will be as smooth as possible for him, and that he does his dad and the country proud in the way that he conducts himself.

What do you think about the First Family?

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