Barack Obama just proved how much he HATES Christians and wants Muslims to CONQUER them


It’s long been speculated that Barack Obama remains a Muslim (he was born as one) and that he has a special hatred for Christians.

Well, we can now pretty much confirm that that is true.

Just look at what this Obama-appointee to the Department of Homeland Security had to say about the slaughter of Christians by ISIS:


To translate that a bit – he’s praising Allah (Subanallah) over the fact that ISIS has managed of late to murder so many Christians in Egypt, claiming that it’s just retribution for alleged Christians crimes against the Muslim Brotherhood.

This man was appointed by Obama. Surely he was aware of Mohamed Elibiary’s feelings toward Christians. It would be a major oversight to ignore such bigotry.

Then again, Obama wanted to skip vetting thousands of Muslim refugees entering this country, so maybe he didn’t know about Elibiary?

Somehow, I doubt that.

And, yes, I am aware that Obama professes to be a Christian and attended a church for decades.

But, go and listen to the Rev. Jeremiah Wright for just a few minutes and tell me that man is a true Christian and his congregation a loving and Bible-believing church.

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You can’t, at least not if you’re being honest with yourself.

The bottom line is that Obama did absolutely nothing to convince us he is a genuine Christian, and then he goes and hires guys like Elibiary who openly advocate the slaughter of Christians at the hands of the world’s most notorious Muslim jihadists.

You can’t ignore the truth for ever.

Source: The Daily Caller

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