Barack Hussein Obama Caught TRASHING Jesus in Shameful Video


During his sham of a presidency, Barack Hussein Obama regularly claimed to be a true Christian.

A video has just surfaced, however, showing that Obama was not a real Christian at all.

Donald Trump was right all along…

Barack Obama is the epitome of a godless Leftist. His presidency–which nearly ruined this country–showcases the morally bankrupt ideology of a radical movement that has complete disdain for Christianity.

Of course, the media doesn’t want Americans to know how anti-Christian Obama is. That’s why they’ve tried their best to conceal this revealing video, in which Obama shamefully mocks the Bible and Jesus Christ himself. SICK!

Just listen to how he painted the Bible. By taking these passages out of context, Obama wanted to depict Biblical teachings at backward, barbaric, and evil. It’s the standard Leftist tactic of discrediting Christ’s teachings.

Can you believe he even had the nerve to insult the Sermon on the Mount? Obama has no sense of decency whatsoever! He disrespects what is widely considered the greatest religious sermon ever delivered!

Baarack Hussein Obama is upfront on his criticisms of the Bible. But when did he ever call out Islam or the Koran?

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