Barack and Michelle Obama Resurface. Look What They Were Just Caught Doing…


If you thought that not hearing from Barack and Michelle Obama for the past couple weeks meant they were finally going away, we have some bad news.

Despite maintaining that he’s an “every man,” Obama continues to spend his post-presidency on posh vacations with celebrities.

Now, he’s living it up in Bali.

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But, there’s more.

Can anyone tell me where Bali is located? That’s right, it’s part of Indonesia.

And, we all remember why Indonesia is important to Barack HUSSEIN Obama.

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Obama moved to the country at the age of 6 when his mother married an Indonesian Muslim man.

The 44th president spent four of his formative childhood years being instructed at an Indonesian madrassa – an Islamic religious school.

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Fittingly, Obama is scheduled to speak at the 4th Indonesian Diaspora Congress in Jakarta before departing the country.

Because while Obama might (and we stress might) have been born in the USA, he’s at least as foreign as he is American.

Source: The Hill

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