Barack and Michelle Obama Just Made a DISTURBING Announcement


If only Barack and Michelle Obama were out of our lives. But, like the Clintons, they are determined to hang around for decades to come.

And why wouldn’t they? The Obama’s are going to be paid a DISGUSTING amount of money to continue assaulting our national pride.

Fox Business reports:

The White House doors may have closed on former President Barack Obama’s presidency, but for him and his wife Michelle, the path to lucrative new book deals and paid speeches is wide open.

The Obamas recently hired top-dollar attorneys Robert Barnett and Deneen Howell to handle their book contracts, and a high-profile public relations agency – known for repping the Clintons and Mia Farrow – to coordinate speaking appearances. The Obamas haven’t yet set book-release dates or announced any scheduled speeches.

In the private sector, the former president stands to earn more than half of his $400K annual presidential salary – per speech, Peter Shankman, founder and CEO of social media, marketing and PR strategy firm The Geek Factory, told FOX Business.

“No doubt [former President Obama’s] first speech could easily [command] $250k at minimum,” Shankman, whose firm’s clients have included American Express, Walt Disney World and The U.S. Department of Defense, said.

It’s not only the former president who will be fetching the big bucks. The former first lady will likely rake in an equal share, Shankman said.

Wow. They do NOT deserve this.


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