BADASS: Look What Trump Wants to Replace AIR FORCE ONE With


The two Boeing 747-200Bs that currently take turns serving as Air Force One are getting old. They’re scheduled to be decommissioned in a few years.

But when President Trump discovered the outrageous $4 billion price tag of the updated replacement Boeing 747s, he cancelled the order.

That led to a lot of speculation and even engineering proposals about what the new Air Force One should be.

The most badass proposal by far was put forward by a panel of aerospace and defense analysts.

They floated the idea of outfitting a cutting-edge B-21 stealth bomber as the president’s new plane.

It would certainly be smaller in the interior than a 747, but it would also provide a lot more security from ground attacks.


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By contrast, analysts have pointed out the the current 747s that serve as Air Force One are HUGE radar targets.

Here’s an artists rendition of what the presidential bomber could look like:

Could the president soon be flying around in a stealth bomber?

What do you think? Should President Trump trade in Air Force One for a presidential B-21 bomber?

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