Author of BuzzFeed Claims Against Trump EXPOSED and Forced Into Hiding


The author of an anti-Trump “intelligence” report published by BuzzFeed has been exposed and is now in hiding.

The report claimed that Trump colluded with Russia to hack Democratic email servers, and that Moscow had compromising information about the president-elect.

Cleary, the aim is to paint Trump as an illegitimate president who will be little more than a puppet of Russia.

The report has been out there for months, but Trump’s foes in the Democratic Party and the mainstream media hesitated to publish it because the accusations could not be verified.

But on Wednesday, the liberal online rag BuzzFeed decided to take that undignified step, and published the report even though it admitted the information was “unverified.”

Both Trump and the Russian government called the report fake.

What’s really interesting is the author. It has been revealed that the report was put together by former British intelligence officer Christopher Steele for undetermined reasons.

Hours before his name went public, Steele and his family abruptly disappeared from their UK home and haven’t been heard from since.

Sources close to him claimed that Steele feared for his life. But maybe the real reason is that he published unsubstantiated claims and is hiding from the media backlash.

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