Attorney General Prepares to Sue Trump For Illegal Activity


Trump is facing perhaps the most serious legal challenge to his presidency since taking office in January.

The irony is that the legal threats were sparked by Trump’s efforts to undo what many say was an illegal act by his predecessor, Barack Obama.

DACA, also known as the “Dreamer” program, was largely implemented by executive order because Obama knew Congress would never pass it as an actual law.

And why would Congress not pass it? Well, because it flies in the face of America’s actual immigration laws.

In other words, it’s illegal.

But that’s not stopping top legal figures, including the Attorney General of Washington, from threatening to sue Trump if he follows through on promises to rescind DACA.

In a public statement, Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson said he would “use all legal tools at my disposal” to defend DACA and take on Trump. Ferguson insisted that it was Trump who was behaving in an “illegal” manner.

Expect other liberal attorney generals to follow suit.

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