‘Attack On Christianity’: Tucker Carlson Says Burning Of Fox News Christmas Tree Is A ‘Hate Crime’


The burning of the Christmas tree outside of Fox News’ New York offices was an “attack on Christianity,” Fox News host and Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson said Wednesday night.

Tucker made the statement during the Wednesday evening episode of “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” hours after a New York man was arrested on charges of arson for allegedly setting fire to the tree.

“A Christmas tree is a symbol. It’s a symbol of a specific culture. It’s a symbol of a much-loved tradition that’s hundreds of years old. Above all, it’s a symbol of a religion, the world’s largest. Torching Christmas trees is an attack on Christianity, obviously. It’s an assault on religious observance,” Tucker said, adding that such attacks on other religions would be considered a “hate crime.”

“The DOJ can tell you precisely how many Qurans were burned last year in the United States, but they don’t keep track of Christmas trees,” he continued. “Why is that? Well, because they couldn’t care less.”

A Christmas tree is a symbol. It’s a symbol… (Read more)

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