Astronaut Buzz Aldrin Has Something to Say About Trump’s “Space Force”


President Trump wants to establish a “space force” as an official branch of the US military.

The move would ensure that America continues for the foreseeable future to lead the global pack in military capability and technological advancement.

“The Space Force will not be built from scratch. This is a critical step toward’s establishing the Space Force as the sixth branch of our armed forces,” declared Vice President Mike Pence during a speech at the Pentagon last week.

It also sounds wild and unrealistic, especially to those determined to smear President Trump at any cost.

However, the president got some pretty important backing for his proposal from none other than the second human being to ever set foot on the moon, Buzz Aldrin.

“One giant leap in the right direction,” tweeted Aldrin, along with a link to Pence’s announcement regarding the Space Force.

The endorsement from Aldrin was important because until now, critics of the president, including other former astronauts, have accused Trump of trying to unnecessarily “militarize” space.

They had pointed to a lack of other experts supporting the president’s proposal, but with Aldrin breaking his silence, that’s no longer the case.

Via Daily Caller

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