Ashton Kutcher Gets TERRIBLE NEWS After Bashing Trump on Live TV


This week’s SAG Awards were the predictable anti-Trump bash fest we all thought they would be.

Whiney liberal actor Ashton Kutcher led the charge, both on stage and from his Twitter account.

“Everyone at airports who belong in my America, you are part of the fabric of who we are…we welcome you,” Kutcher declared.

His tweets later in the evening were even more hostile toward Trump, and more misrepresenting of what the president is doing to keep America safe.

But Kutcher, whose career is already waning, was immediately and harshly taken to task for his ridiculous remarks.

Wrote one Twitter user:

“#AshtonKutcher your America? We do not want to see you in anymore shows or movies. YOU WORK FOR US IDIOT!”

Another chimed in:

“Hollywood & #Ashtonkutcher it’s not YOUR AMERICA!!! It’s OUR AMERICA!”

H/T American News

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