As Trump picks new FBI director, conservatives OVERJOYED at frontrunner


Moments after President Trump finally dropped the hammer on James Comey, people began speculating who would be the next head of the FBI.

True to his no-nonsense form, one of Trump’s frontrunners is the equally no-nonsense Trey Gowdy.

As head of the House Select Committee tasked with investigating Obama’s failure in Benghazi, Rep. Gowdy demonstrated that he’s willing to hunt down the truth while ignoring all the political games and nonsense.

Gowdy was also highly critical of Comey for failing to prosecute Hillary Clinton after damning evidence surfaced regarding her private email servers.

And that’s precisely the kind of man we need heading the FBI.

If anyone will sniff out and eliminate the “deep state” Obama holdovers that are trying to hold back Trump, it’s Gowdy.

Following Comey’s ouster, Gowdy issued a conciliatory statement toward his rival, and said he hoped Trump would now hire an “independent minded person to serve as the head of our nation’s premier law enforcement agency.”

A person like himself.

Trey Gowdy is a true American hero, and he is the RIGHT MAN for this job.


H/T Conservative Fighters

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