As Hillary Clinton Continues Her “It’s Their Fault” Tour, Greg Gutfeld Demolishes Her Showing Her True Nature


I’m sick and tired of hearing Hillary blaming everybody but herself about 2016 election loss.

Let’s add to that her favorite new hobby: bashing President Trump… yes, she has so much spare time.

In one of her last TV appearances, she criticized Trump for “tweeting and golfing all the time”.

Greg Gutfeld has enough of her stupid rhetoric and pointed out the irony that the Woman who is ignoring national tragedies to promote her awful book has the nerve to say Trump isn’t working hard as President.

She is a real piece of work. She is still angry, bitter, still Hillary….she cruises the airwaves as people suffer and the guy who won consoles them. At times she sounds like she’s campaigning. But for what? It is like high school and she is vying for most likely to clear a room with her laugh. She sees fit to remind people what she would’ve done if she were in charge. She would have done something. During the election, she did almost nothing to lose. She is like a dumped ex who keeps writing letters to the guy’s parents reminding them how their son screwed up.”

Watch this epic video:


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