As Democrats Claim Voter ID Is Racist, New Poll Shows Nearly 70% of Blacks Support It


Democrats are crying racism after Georgia Republicans added a voter ID requirement to make the state’s elections more secure. The only problem is that the vast majority of those polled — including black and minority voters — support that new measure.

Earlier this month, the Georgia state Senate passed S.B. 202 that included commonsense measures like tightening procedures for polling locations and requiring voters to present identification to request and cast absentee ballots.

Democratic critics have charged that the bill is voter suppression fueled by white supremacy, using the default accusation that has become their Pavlovian response to all Republican-initiated legislation.

Democratic Georgia state Rep. Park Cannon committed so fully to that narrative that she attempted to stop Republican Gov. Brian Kemp from signing the bill into law and was arrested for trying to disrupt the proceedings.

In a lengthy Twitter thread Cannon posted after she was released from custody, the Democratic lawmaker explicitly linked the bill with white supremacy and even roped in a completely unrelated but similarly mischaracterized crime.

“The closed-door signing of #SB202 and the senseless murder of #AAPI Georgians are both products of a white supremacist system. Different tactics, same goal: fear and control,” she wrote, comparing the bill to a mass shooting in Atlanta which leftists claimed was racially motivated despite the suspect’s own admission to the contrary.

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