Artist Shocks America With Reaction to Trump Hanging His Painting in White House


Liberals were caught off-guard this week when a painter learned that his latest work had been hung in the Trump White House.

Artist Andy Thomas has described himself “not a very political person.” So a lot of folks were hoping he’d be incensed to learn that Trump had hung his painting “The Republican Club” in the White House.

You could tell that liberals, and the media, were just waiting for Thomas to issue some kind of furious statement about Trump misrepresenting his work.

But, after the painting appeared in the background during a “60 Minutes” interview, Thomas said simply that he was “ecstatic.”

“A lot of times gifts aren’t really hung up, they’re just pushed in a closet somewhere. To find out it’s actually hanging is really a treat,” he told TIME magazine. The painting had apparently been given to Thomas’ friend, Rep. Darrell Issa of California, who had promised to show it to Trump. Apparently, the president like it so much that he took it off Issa’s hands.

The painting shows Trump playing cards with former Republican presidents, including Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln.

Liberals had hoped it was satirical, and were greatly dismayed to find out that both Trump and the artist himself did not take it that way at all.

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